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Greach 2013

Spanish Groovy/Grails Conference

Spain Spain, Madrid, Hotel Preciados

www.greach.es  Buy tickets

GR8 US 2012

Groovy, Grails, Griffon and other GR8 Technologies

United States United States, Minneapolis, Minneapolis Convention Center


GR8Conf Europe 2012

GR8Conf is an affordable conference dedicated to all the technologies in the Groovy ecosystem. We cover technologies like Grails, Gradle, Spock, GMetrics, GContracts, Griffon and many more.

Denmark Denmark, Copenhagen, ITU (IT University of Copenhagen)


GR8Conf Europe

An affordable conference dedicated to the Groovy dynamic language, the Grails web framework, the Griffon Swing framework, and other great technologies, such as Gradle, Spock, GPars, and more.

Denmark Denmark, Copenhagen